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Emilia Padoł

Emilia Padoł (b. 1985) a graduate in
Polish Literature from the Jagiellonian
University in Krakow, won the second
edition of the competition of the Institute
of Literary Research for the best MA
dissertation about gender.
A journalist, the author of many
conversations with the most important
figures of Polish culture. A finalist
in the Grand Press award for 2020 in
the interview category. A winner and
multiple nominee to the Małopolska
Journalism Award – also in the interview
The author of four books about
entertainment and cultural life in
the communist Polish People’s Republic,
co-author of the book An Instruction
Manual for the Future. The writer of
the screenplay to the film Literary Worlds:
Magdalena Tulli.
She was born in Tarnowskie Góry,
formerly lived in Cracow and is now based
in Warsaw.

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