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Ewa Woydyłło

Ewa Woydyłło (b. 1939) is
a psychologist and a psychotherapist;
she works in dependency and codependency
therapy, marriage and
family counselling, and helps resolve
conflicts in the workplace. Through
the Stefan Batory Foundation, she heads
the Regional Program for combatting
addiction in Poland. She has helped
spread the Minnesota model in Poland,
a technique based on partnership with
professionals from Alcoholics Anonymous.
She has written many bestselling books
on psychology, including Women’s Secrets,
We Parents of Adult Children, High School
Exam Retakes, Lift Your Head, Cancer of
the Soul, Because You’re Human, Good
Memory, Bad Memory, and People, People…,
the previous book in the series, nominated
for the Teofrast Award in 2017. She has
won the St. George Medal awarded by
Tygodnik Powszechny.

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