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Angelika Kuźniak

(b. 1974) is a biographer, reporter, and the author of many biographies of famous female artists: Marlene (2009), Papusza (2013), Stryjeńska: They Sent It to the Devil (2015), Black Angel: The Story of Ewa Demarczyk (2014), as well as the co -author of two works of reportage in the Nike‐Award Nominated (2008) Circumference of the Head. She has been honored three times with the Grand Press Award and several times nominated for the Polish -German Reportage Award. For her interview with Nobel -Prize winner Herta Müller in 2010 she received the Barbara Łopieńska Award. In 2014, she took the award for Inspiration of the Year in the Polish Melchior Journalists’ Competition. In 2016, she was nominated for Poland’s most important literary award, the Nike.

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