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Sławomir Leśniewski

(b. 1959) is a popular historian, the author of over a dozen titles, including: A Handbook of Polish and Lithuanian Hetman (1992), A History of Mysteries (2007), The Polish Army in Service to Napoleon (2008), Prince Józef: Leader and Lover (2012), Mata Hari: Betrayed by All (2013) and The Deluge, 1655–1660: A Time of Disgrace and Glory (2017). His most recent book is The Predatory Piasts (2018). He has published in important, opinion -making periodicals (Polityka, Rzeczpospolita, and Focus). He is not a historian who writes dry academic dissertations, but a true lover of the past, who adores sharing his passion with others. This is why his books read like compelling detective novels.

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