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Ewa Lipska

(b. 1945) – regarded as one of the last remaining great female Polish poets that started writing in the 20th century. She is a lyricist and columnist. She first appeared in print at the age of 19 and her first volume of poetry was published in 1967. She worked as the poetry editor at the publisher Wydawnictwo Literackie. She has been a co­‑founder, editor and writer for several periodicals e.g. the monthlies Pismo and Kraków. For many years she worked for the Polish diplomatic service in Austria. She has won prestigious prizes for her literary output, both at home and abroad, including Gdynia Literary Prize for her volume of poetry Reverberations and a place on the shorlist for the Nike Literary Award a number of times. She has participated in international literary festivals and residencies (in USA and Germany). She is a member of the Polish Writers’ Association, the Polish PEN Club and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her poems have been translated into many languages and appeared in many anthologies. Key volumes of poetry: Poems (1967), Fourth Collection of Poems (1974), Fifth Collection of Poems (1978), Young People’s Home (1979), Storage for Darkness (1985), Restricted Parking Zone (1990), Beneficiaries of a Grant of Time (1994), 1999 (1999), Pet Shops (2001), Somewhere Else (2005), Reverberations (2010) and Fingerprint Reader (2015).

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