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Ignacy Karpowicz

(b. 1976) is a Polish prose writer and translator. He debuted in 2006 with the novel Lame, which critics hailed the emergence of one of the decades most exciting new voices. The author mercilessly skewered Polish backwards conservatism and nationalist mythologies. He has written eight novels to date, and has received two of the most important literary awards: the Polityka Passport for Balladynas and Romances (2010) and the Nike readers’ award for Nesses (2013). Karpowicz is an important and colorful figure in Polish literary life, having been involved in a few scandals, but also has had a key voice as a journalist in social matters. He is one of Poland’s major writers from the generation born in the 1970s. Novels to date: Lame (2006), The Miracle (2007), The Emperor’s New Flower (2007), Gestures (2008), Balladynas and Romances (2010), Nesses (2013), Sonya (2014) , Love (2017).

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