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Jacek Bartosiak

Jacek Bartosiak is a lawyer, and
an expert in matters of geopolitics and
geostrategy. For years he has taken
part in the debate on the strategic
situation of Poland and Central and
Eastern Europe, and also the western
Pacific and Eurasia (particularly China).
As an expert, he expresses his opinions
on those subjects at conferences
in Poland and abroad and in the media.
He is the author and publisher of many
books in this field: The Pacific and
Eurasia. About War (about the developing
rivalry between the “colossi” of USA and
China and a potential war in the west
Pacific), A Republic Between Land and Sea.
On War and Peace (an epic story about
the geostrategic situation of Poland and
Europe in the era of rivalry between
the superpowers in Eurasia), The Past
is the Prologue and The Third World
War is Coming (with Piotr Zychowicz).
The Director of the Kazimierz Pułaski
Military Game and Simulation Programme,
a Senior Fellow in The Potomac
Foundation in Washington. He was also
an expert for the Republican Foundation
and a member of the Shipbuilding
Council. He is the founder and owner
of the company Strategy & Future and
co-founder of Play of Battle, which creates
military simulations.

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