Anna Dziewit-Meller

Anna Dziewit-Meller (b. 1981) is
a writer and journalist born in Silesia,
and also the lead singer in a rock band.
As a writer of opinion pieces, she works
with Poland’s leading periodicals, such
as Tygodnik Powszechny and Gazeta
Wyborcza. She has previously released
two celebrated novels: Disco (2012) and
Mount Taygetus (2016). Her latest novel
is All Because of One Lucifer (2020). It was
a finalist in the competition for The Book
of the Year distinction organized by Lubimy
czytać (We Like to Read a website for book
lovers) – nominated fin the category of
the the Best Historical Novel. She has
also earned massive popularity for her
children’s book series, Ladies, Lasses,
Little Girls, whose adventure stories
mix brilliantly with feminist content for
young readers. In 2021 she was made
editor‑in‑chief of a large Polish publishing
house, Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal.

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