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Szczepan Twardoch

(b. 1979) is a writer and a columnist. In 1998 until 2003 he studied philosophy and social sciences. He published essays and feuilletons in most of Polish magazines and newspapers. A true revelation in Polish prose, being a Silesian he calls himself a Silesian author who writes in Polish. He is remarkably hard‐working: being thirty seven years old he has already written ten books: novels, short story collections, and essays. His books have received nominations for the Gdynia Literary Award and the J ózef Mackiewicz Literary Award, and he received the Silver Distinction of the Jerzy Żuławski Literary Award in 2008. He was given the Polityka Passport for his bestselling novel Morphine (2012, over seventy thousand copies sold), which was also nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award, 2013, the Angelus Central European Literary Award 2013, and the Culture Guarantee 2013. He is a winner of People’s Choice Nike 2013 Award. Morphine was translated into seven languages, including French (Noir Sur Blanc) and German (Rowohlt). His long‐awaited novel entitled Drach was published in 2014 to great acclaim and shortlisted for the Nike Award. German translation of Drach was awarded the Berlin Brücke Preis. Drach was also published in French. His novel The King become a bestseller after only three weeks in the market. It was published in English by Amazon Publishing to great acclaim earning a starred review in Publishers Weekly. The Kingdom (2018) is a highly successful follow – up to The King. His most recent book is a collection of opinion columns – Bond’s Suits (2019). He likes fast cars, sharp suits and ties, good cuisine, and trekking far behind the polar circle, especially in Svalbard, though not necessarily all at the same time.

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